Wall Mounts

As retail credit card processing companies adopt the new EMV technology, merchants that have processing now and new businesses who set up credit card processing have to adopt the new EMV devices. This means new wall mounts, stands, and even different size thermal paper in rolls.

Thermal Paper and More is quickly becoming a leader in the pos paper com industry. Retail credit card processing companies nationwide are telling all business owners about our low cost, VX520 Wall Mount, our VX805 Wall Mount and our patented 230 ft Paper Adapters for Verifone and Ingenico terminals. We also carry credit card machine stands, POS Paper, and accessories Our non BPA thermal paper is available in all sizes and we support most brands like FD, Verifone, Ingenico, PAX and DejaVoo.

Check out our VX805/820 Wall Mount and see our entire line of wall mounts for most terminals and pin pads.

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