Thermal Paper Adapters*

Check out our 230 ft Paper Adapters! *patent pending

Change paper rolls 5 times less often and save over 60% on your pos paper!

Now you can use the 230 ft, jumbo paper rolls in the Verifone VX520, Ingenico ICT220 and ICT 250 credit card machines!

Set up your credit card processing to save the most money possible. One area for big savings is your consumable, credit card paper rolls. Per foot, 230 ft rolls of thermal paper costs 1/3 the price of 50 ft rolls! Also, since retail credit card processing companies now use EMV or "CHIP" technology, the receipts are longer so we’re all using more paper than ever before!

Our Verifone VX520 and Ingenico ICT220 paper adapters securely attach in seconds and feature a compact design, sturdy metal construction and are very user friendly.

We just recently introduced an optional EZ Feed Paper Cover for the Verifone VX520. This is also a factory cover with a paper slot added. The EZ Feed Cover makes it a little easier to load new paper rolls!

Need a wall mount? Be sure to see our Wall Mount/Paper Adapter combo for Verifone and Ingenico.

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Made in the USA!

*Paper adapters are patent pending