Terminals and Pin Pads

Retail credit card processing has changed a lot in the last few years. From simple internet processing to smart phone apps, PCI compliance and data breaches, the industry has been constantly under attack from hackers and criminals trying to steal and abuse credit card and identity information. However, the change that affected credit card processing for small businesses the most was the adoption of EMV or “CHIP” processing. This technology will dramatically cut down on “card present” or retail credit card processing fraud as credit cards will no longer be able to be duplicated with skimmed information.

The major impact is that every retail credit card processing small business needs to purchase new equipment nationwide!

Thermal Paper and More specializes in the lowest cost credit card machines small businesses now use. There are only a handful of EMV terminals currently available from select manufactures and you have to also adhere to whatever equipment your processor is certified for.

These include:

Verifone credit card machines like the VX520 and the VX805 PIN Pad now have security certificates that prevent the terminals from being loaded with a new processor if there is a current account in the machine. This means that buying used machines on Ebay, etc,. is a thing of the past. Free machine programs are available with new merchant accounts sometimes or you can just make sure that any terminal you buy is a brand new, in the box terminal or it’s labeled as an “Unlocked Terminal”.

Unlocked credit card terminals are used machines that have been reset using software and other tools. This cannot be done remotely. Any terminal that is locked can be sent in and unlocked for 65.00 plus shipping in most situations. Thermal Paper and More ONLY sells new or unlocked terminals ready to go. All our terminals whether refurbished or new are “UNLOCKED” credit card machines.

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