About us

About Thermal Paper and More.com and the launch of the "230 ft' Thermal Paper Adapter.*"

*Patent pending

Thermal Paper and More.com was originally formed in 2015 as "VX520store.com" when we saw a need and developed the ability to use the jumbo, 230 ft. rolls of Thermal Paper in the NEW "Verifone VX520" credit card terminal.


It wasn't long before we started receiving requests for adapters for the other terminals that businesses were upgrading to. (It seems that as the technology moves forward, our credit card receipt paper rolls keep getting smaller).

In the new "Chip" /EMV environment, the most popular terminals only accept 50 foot rolls of paper! These include the Verifone VX520, Ingenico ICT220, Ingenico ICT250. Other popular terminals are the PAX S80* and Dejavoo* terminals and they still only accept 85' ft rolls max.  

Our Thermal Paper Adapters

  • Instantly install to the back of the Verifone VX520, the Ingenico ICT220 and ICT250 terminals.
  • Are easy to use
  • Enable you to use any size Thermal Paper, up to 230' Rolls!
  • Change paper 5 times less often!
  • Cut paper costs in half!
  • Have rubber feet to protect the counter
  • Durable - Made in the US from 18ga steel
  • Quality powder coated finish
Thermalpaperandmore.com has also developed several Credit Card Terminal Stands, PIN Pad Stands and Wall Mounts, all sold at very reasonable costs and all Proudly Made in the USA!
We also have the lowest prices and free shipping on all cases of Thermal Paper!
Our current goal is to provide quality thermal paper and accessories to our customers at the lowest prices  in the industry. Check out our full line of products and demonstration videos.

Quantity discounts and distributor pricing available.

Please contact us with any questions.