Verifone VX805 Wall Mount (also fits Verifone VX820 Pin Pad)

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Easy to install:
Works with VX805 and VX820 Pin Pads!

A lot of credit card processing, small businesses prefer to have their Verifone VX805 pin pad or Verifone VX820 pin pads tightly secured in a wall mount instead of taking up room on the counter. Our feature item, the VX805 Wall Mount (which also fits the VX820 pin pad), is our own design and is the lowest cost wall mount available for the Verifone VX805 and the Verifone VX820 pin pads!


  •  Specifically designed for Verifone VX805 and Verifone VX820 pin pads.
  • Easy to install! The VX805 and Vx820 pin pads are secured using the 2 screws in the back.
  • Made of 16 gauge steel and finished in black powder coating
  • Includes all necessary hardware.


Tools required for install:
1/4' wrench or adjustable wrench

Philips screwdriver

Thermal Paper and More specializes in low cost, credit card processing paper, supplies and innovative accessories for the Verifone VX520 Machines and Vx805 Pin Pads.

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 Check out the installation video below!

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