PIN Pad, Credit Card Machine Stand

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Elevate and stabilize your credit card machine or pin pad:
A low cost solution for your business!
Alows for easy, one handed operation:
Let your customers run their own cards!
Installs in seconds to any type of counter:
No drilling or screws required!

Pin Pad, Credit Card Machine Stand, VX805, FD35, IPP310, Etc.


  • Universal pin pad/credit card machine stand elevates and securely holds most pin pads and credit card machines in place so EMV/chip credit cards can be run with one hand.
  • Fits any terminal or pin pad that will adhere to the stand using heavy duty, double sided tape
  • VX805, VX820, FD35, PAX S300, DejaVoo, VX520, etc.
  • Light enough that it can be moved around anywhere and even handed to a customer in a wheelchair.
  • Permanent installation uses heavy duty, double sided tape. No drilling or screws in the counter!
  • Great for glass, granite or any counter top you want to protect.
  • Made in the USA and constructed of sturdy, powder coated steel.

The EMV Pin Pad/Terminal Stand allows merchants or customers to easily insert and remove chip cards without touching the counter or having to hold the pin pad or terminal in place so it doesn't slide.

At less than half the cost of most stands on the market, our EMV Pin Pad/Terminal Stand is a great choice for your business!

Features non-skid rubber feet so the stand can be moved around or the feet can easily be removed for permanent mounting using the heavy duty double sided tape.

Includes: 1 - Stand, 1 - Pkg 3M HD double sided tape


Fits Verifone VX520, VX805, VX820, Ingenico ICT220, ICT250, IPP310, FD35, First Data & any pin pad or credit card machine with flat areas on the bottom for the double sided tape.

TPS100 also works as a wall mount for the VX805 or VX820 pin pads! (optional hardware kit required)



230’, VX520 Paper Adapter

VX805/VX820 wall mount hardware kit


See the demo video below or check out our Video Library


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