How to properly store thermal paper

How to properly store thermal paper

Posted by Mike Wood on Jan 30th 2017

How to properly store thermal paper

The use of thermal paper on rolls has become a common practice among retailers and credit card processors. This is because of its affordability, durability and quick printing. To maintain the best of these, you have to store them properly. Thermal paper is prone to fading and is sensitive to high heat levels, among other environmental influences. The very same chemical dyes that provide color in thermal papers can very easily become colorless or faded without proper care. Your business can save quite a bit if you buy thermal paper rolls in bulk and store them properly. Below are a few tips on how to store your thermal paper:


Ensure that you store thermal paper products in a dark area. Secondly, the humidity levels should average between 45 to 65 %. For the paper to perform to its maximum quality, temperatures should not exceed 77°F. Hot and humid conditions are bad because not only do they affect the original color of the thermal paper, but also the quality and resolution of the printed image.

Keep it away from such influences as adhesives, shrink wraps or ink printed paper. This is advisable because such compromise the quality of the paper.

Oils and other liquids can also have a negative impact on the quality of the paper.

The chemicals used in its production demand that extra care be taken when handling them as compared to regular paper. If well stored, thermal paper in rolls can last two years before printing on them, and another four years after printing. Therefore, proper storage is paramount.

Keep the thermal paper printing device maintained and clean always

Proper maintenance of the printing devices is one more way of taking proper care of your thermal paper. Properly install the printer head and ensure that it is always clean. Dust and lint can interfere with the printing process, hence affecting the quality of print.

Avoid light to promote its image integrity

Most of the thermal paper in the market uses co-reactant technology and dye to create an image. The combination of these two technologies results in sensitivity to ultraviolet light. This may lead to image decline if you continue to expose the thermal paper to light.

Thermal paper image stability depends on the original image, design of the product, ultraviolet character, and the degree of ultraviolet light exposed. Therefore, ensure that the thermal paper is stored in a dark place with limited ultraviolet light.

Thermal paper has numerous advantages, especially in the production of clear and sharp images and soundless printing. Since it is made from a collection of chemicals, thermal paper requires careful handling and storage. Using these recommendations will ensure that your thermal paper rolls do not deteriorate.