2 1/4 x 230 ft x 50 Rolls, BPA Free, Thermal Paper On Rolls

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NOTE: 230’ thermal paper rolls will now fit the VeriFone VX520, Ingenico ICT220 and Ingenico 250 Terminals!:
(optional VX520 or ICT220/250 Thermal Paper Adapter required)


A major plant supplying the dye to make thermal paper has been shut down for environmental cleanup!

 From Ritemade Paper:

 "Effective with October paper orders, thermal paper mills have put all converters on allocation. These mills have been forced to allocate their tonnage due to a chemical supplier, Connect Chemicals in China, being located in a business park that is being temporarily shut down for environmental reasons..."

 "...The mills are beginning to tell us to expect additional price increases before the end of the year.   It is likely they will announce these increases soon and they will be effective immediately."

Our first wholesale increase of 14% takes effect 12/11/17 so order online here for the lowest case prices or get special pricing on BULK orders now.


Case of 50 rolls of 2 ¼ x 230 ft Thermal paper = 11,500 total feet!

ROLL WIDTH: 2-1/4 inches (57mm) X ROLL LENGTH: 230 feet (70.1m)

Always FREE commercial shipping on all full cases of thermal paper. Residential Addresses add $5 (FedEx charges extra)

NOTE: 230’ thermal paper rolls will now fit the VeriFone VX520, Ingenico ICT220 and Ingenico 250 Terminals! (optional VX520 or ICT220/250 Thermal Paper Adapter required)

2 1/4 x 230 ft thermal paper rolls will also fit these credit card readers and terminals:

  • Hypercom T7P
  • Hypercom T7 Plus
  • Nurit 2085
  • Verifone P250 printer

Smart business owners worldwide set up credit card processing at the lowest  costs possible. One area for big savings is your consumable credit card pos paper rolls. Now that retail credit card processing companies use the new EMV or "CHIP" technology, often times, the length of paper needed for a single, 2 receipt transaction is over 12 inches which has raised everyone's paper roll costs. 

What is Thermal Paper?

Thermal Paper, also called carbonless paper, is heat sensitive paper on rolls and is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from credit card machines to POS systems. Thermal paper 2 ¼ (57mm) is most commonly used in credit card machines and Verifone receipt printers. The wider thermal paper 3 1/8 (70mm) paper rolls are used in the POS systems restaurants use. POS system small business users will use either size paper depending on their type of thermal printer.

Whatever your needs, when you buy your thermal paper direct from Thermal Paper and More you will enjoy the lowest prices on the internet on all your thermal paper 2¼ and thermal paper 3 1/8 needs. Check Out our full line of products for Verifone, Ingenico & Pax. Including Terminals, PIN Pads, Thermal Paper Adapters, Stands (Swivel & Stationary), Wall Mounts, BPA Free Thermal Paper and Credit Card Machine Accessories.

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Did you set up credit card processing using an FD, Verifone, PAX, or Ingenico credit card machine? Have you seen our 230' thermal paper adapters for the Verifone Vx520 and Ingenico ICT credit card machines? Perhaps you're looking for a simple VX805 stand or a swivel base or swivel stand for customer facing applications.

Thermal Paper and More is quickly becoming a leader in the pos paper com industry. Credit card processing companies worldwide are telling all business owners about our entire selection of POS paper, paper adapters for Verifone and Ingenico and our credit card machine stands and wall mounts. We carry non  BPA thermal paper in all sizes and most  brands like FD, Verifone, Ingenico, PAX and DejaVoo.

We specialize in low cost credit card processing small business pos paper and accessories and you will always find the lowest prices on non BPA thermal paper direct from the wholesaler! Whether you need paper on rolls, paper in rolls or paper by the roll, Thermal Paper and More has all your POS paper roll supplies covered!